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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baptismal of Hope

My name is Adam James Pankratz. I was born one minute past midnight on June 29th, 1979 and I am extremely opinionated.

I like tigers, sushi, political discussions, hockey, Anna Kournikova, milk, learning, white chocolate, creating, fantasy baseball, making out, Chai tea, poker, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Tom Waits, taking pictures, wine, Terry Pratchett, The White Stripes, Wes Anderson, Turkish music, bacon, Civilization IV, The Colbert Report, and above all else but below God, writing. Allahu Akbar . . .

When I grow up I want to earn a living by writing.

A confession – I fully realize and acknowledge I am a hack writer. Ask me what a gerund is; I don’t know.

Why would someone pursue a career in a field he claims to be deficient in?


Much like the un-athletic, scrawny kid who tries out for the football team year after year but is always delegated to waterboy, I compile notebooks of ideas and unfinished stories with the hope that someday a prestigious editor will rummage through my jottings and be inspired to release me upon the world.

So far I’m still on the literary bench providing towels and liquid hydration.

We writers are a precarious lot. We harvest an unholy self-righteousness in the belief our opinions are correct and should be shared with as many people as possible while secretly we are crumbling inside from our vacillation and emotional instability. Writers need lots of hugs.

Enter the blog-o-sphere – this wonderful network of idiosyncratic meanderings on the World Wide Web. Blogging gives us writers what we so desperately crave – attention. Reply to our posts and answer our polls. Whether positive, negative, or homicidal in tone, the recognition that you are reading the words we’ve strung together is the literary equivalent of cuddling with Scarlet Johansson next to a cracking fire.

As aforementioned, I am very opinionated. My goal in becoming a Gentleman of Leisure is to express these opinions on anything that tickles my fancy and, in doing so, to open a conversation between reader and writer, swapping viewpoints and creating ideas. I know my opinions aren’t always justified or grounded. Hopefully something worthwhile and positive can be generated through this interaction.

My name is Adam James Pankratz and I hope we can enjoy the time we spend together.



  1. As Chris Claremont would say, welcome to the Gentlemen of Leisure, Boots~. Hope you survive the experience.

    And you're right, writers do need lots of hugs. We like hugs.

    Oh, speaking of Terry Pratchett, did you hear he has early onset Alzheimers? How much does that suck?

  2. Adam
    need more bloggers like you, honest and forthcoming. The old Bossman here (aka Lee) looking forward to reading more from you. Still need to find time soon to bike, play tennis and Gaming on xbox\PC and return your lon lost luggage tags. keep the blogs coming.

  3. Yes, we do need more bloggers like me...
    Anyway, let it be known that one of the first thing Boots did was disagree with one of my posts, which is strictly prohibited.
    So he's already on probation. But we are Gentlemen of Leisure, so it's a leisurely probation.

  4. Hmm, we'll see if boots can compare with teebore and Dr. Bitz (he's a DOCTOR honey).

    And yes writers do need hugs, but not from everyone. I can think of like 100 people I don't want touching me, regardless of what kind of writer's morass I happen to be enmeshed in.




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